Why Give to MSM?

There is a critical need. A need to address health disparities across minority populations and socioeconomically
disadvantaged communities. Closing these gaps will require us to adapt. To lead with a bold vision. To build meaningful partnerships. To increase our endowment. To champion the innovative and forward-thinking models that allow every person the access and resources he or she needs to be healthy.

That's why we are here. To be an abundant solution for an abundant need. means the world to us as we continue to answer the call.

 All they need
is a chance.

MSM recruits academically and
economically diverse students. Through our
approach, they go on to meet or exceed
national standards on USMLE exams.

 The cost of
medical education.

Our students come from family household
incomes of $55K when the average medical
student in the U.S. comes from family
household incomes greater than $170K.

Societal returnSignificant
societal return.

Through our focused mission, your gift
directly helps to increase the diversity of
the health professional and scientific

Giving where the need isGiving where
the need is.

Our students dedicate their lives to making
differences where they are needed most -
in underserved communities. A scholarship
propels him or her toward their full potential.

Better futureEnsuring a
better future.

Your gift will help increase the number of
primary care physicians in Georgia and help
the vulnerable communities that MSM
students traditionally serve.

Education debtEducation

Your support will reduce a student鈥檚 debt
associated with a medical education and
encourage students to pursue family
medicine and other important specialties.




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